Sunday, June 30, 2019

Joan Collins as CLEOPATRA (1963)

Screentest of Joan Collins for the role of Cleopatra for the 963 mega-production. What do you think? She didn't get the role but she did play the legendary Egyptian ruler in a guest spot on FANTASY ISLAND (below)


Scott Ochiltree said...

In my view Joan Collins was not very attractive. Like Jackie Onassis her eyes were much too far apart.

Having a distinctive face may be an advantage for a male actor (Kirk Douglas for example).

Actresses, however, need to conform to conventional standards of female beauty, at least when playing younger roles.

Anonymous said...

She was sexy, and particularly good in femme fatale roles. I'm glad she finally got a big break, and became a star, when she did Dynasty.

I remember that Fantasy Island episode with her and Ron Ely as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.