Wednesday, June 12, 2019

By the Gods!

Richard Harrison enters an arena to fight for his life in GLADIATORS 7 (1962)

The last time I tried to upload this (public domain) movie at my PEPLUM TV channel, there was a worldwide block on it, which doesn't make any sense. Like many American PEPLUM stars who went to Rome to work on Sword & Sandal films, Harrison was a regular model featured in 'Physiques' magazines of the 1950s and 60s. He didn't have any major acting role prior to appearing in these European productions, just work as background actor. It's odd how they shouldered entire productions on newcomers who had no experience in lead roles. It's also odd that they had to go to North America to get some manly men (I'm not saying there weren't any manly men from Europe, like Alan Steel or Kirk Morris) but the penchant for symbols of masculinity from America was obvious.

The arena scene at the start of the film is great and sadly, too brief.

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Anonymous said...

I interviewed RIchard and he told me that when he was married to the daughter American International's James Nicholson he was offered a contract there. He does have a fairly noticeable role in Master of the World. He preferred not to rely on parts his father-in-law gave him so, when he was offered the lead in Invincible Gladiator, he took it. His career in Italy outlasted his marriage and he starred in every type of Italian genre film.

The film might have been blocked because MGM still has some claim to it.