Monday, August 21, 2017

By the Gods!

Wolf Ruvinskis, as Argos (far right), inspects his fellow Martians in SANTO VS THE MARTIANS (1967)

From left : Eva Nerving (Selene), Gilda Mires (Artemis), Belinda Corel (Diana), Beny Galán (Hercules), Ham Lee (Morpheus) and El Nazi (Cronos).

The martians think that changing into mythological figures is blending in with humans. This scene is cute but sorta pointless since they almost never show up like this in the rest of the film. I guess they wanted to capitalize on the PEPLUM craze even though that craze was pretty much over in 1967.


Anonymous said...

i don't like 'santo' movies

PEPLUM TV said...

Santo movies are an acquired taste

Richard Svensson said...

Well, the Santo movies, or Luchador movies in general, exist within their own comic book-y universe, where logic and sometimes even plots get lost in the madness of the story ideas. They're cheap and silly, but they do have enthusiasm.