Tuesday, August 8, 2017

By the Gods!


This movie is a 'twin production' with MACISTE - GLADIATOR OF SPARTA (1964) which was released first in 1964. It's sometimes hard to tell them apart, even for me. The only big difference between those two films : SPARTA is more 'serious' and 'religious' than MAGNIFICENT. I mean, both productions have Marilù Tolo. A lot of the supporting cast is identical. The same fighting scenes appear in both movies. I personally prefer this one over SPARTA but just slightly. There are some stand-out scenes in SPARTA, including a fight between Forest and a gorilla in the Arena. Honestly, there's almost no difference between the two films but MAGNIFICENT is more sexy and breezy, not as slow. Forest's second to last film before retiring from the world of cinema.

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Nardobbuilder said...

Mark Forrest is like Alan Steele.. their built is beefy muscular. Perfect for wrestling! GRRRR