Wednesday, August 23, 2017

By the Gods!

Orgy / feast scene from JULIUS CAESAR AGAINST THE PIRATES (1962)

It's always fun to see what PEPLUM movies got away with back in da day with these scenes. They might appear tame by today's standards but they were...hmm...revealing over 50 years ago. Director Sergio Grieco always had a not-so-subtle approach to sexy scenes in his films, including SALAMMBO (1960).


WrestlePorno said...

I salute directors that shows what the "real" standards are during their movies' era. During Ancient Greece and Rome Eras- celebrations are all about beauty, strength and vice. So it's normal to see exotic dances; courtesans and escorts; wrestlers and gladiators; and orgies and sex.
Of course, these are entertainment during those ancient times but also reflects the disregard to norms of those who are in power and the wealthy.

I hope to see more wrestling scenes though!

PEPLUM TV said...

With things going on right now at Youtube, it's going to be hard to upload short clips. Youtube are demonetizing every short clip I'm uploading which has 1) dancing or 2) wrestling or fights. I've uploaded a clip from URSUS - THE REBEL GLADIATOR and it's still in private mode and they demonetized it. I'm publishing it today but the whole thing is insane. If I upload the full film, they don't demonetize them.

Wrestleporno said...

Isn't there another site you use for movie clips?

Salgister said...

Recently I was watching "Revolt of The Slaves" and during a wrestling scene some 10 or so minutes, one of the wrestlers bends over, and one can clearly see part of his sexual apparatus!