Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo of the Day

A defiant Balthazar (Piero Lulli) with his acolytes Mursuk (Harold Bradley) and Ura (Moira Orfei) look on at Zairo, King of Persia in HERO OF BABYLON

I recently published a "Photo of the Day" from this film so why another one now? Well, Youtube gave me a strike for uploading this very public domain film at my PEPLUM channel. I've had the main PEPLUM channel since 2007 and it never got a copyright strike. False copyright claims, yes, but never a strike. The strike came from yet another French distribution company which is INSANE since this is an Italian film and the original copyright holders in Italy have more rights than those in France. How come I never hear claims from Italian companies? They probably know they have no such claims in North America.

It's a false and erroneous claim (the company is known to have done this with others on Youtube) but there's nothing I can do about it because Youtube/Google is tone deaf to these kind of things. I was about to upload a new film (Revolt of the Praetorians) but I won't be uploading any full films on that channel until the end of August. I'll probably experiment with a new channel where I can show one film for one week or something like that and then remove it.

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