Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo of the Day

Jesus (Robert Le Vigan) is in Herod's temple in GOLGOTHA

Incredibly sharp photo. I wish the film transfer was this sharp. 


Marlena of Mohegan said...

When I was 5 years old it was 1958. My first movie experience was a "Peplum". I have been trying for years to find out which movie it was. The only scene I remember is some bare-chested guy strapped to an X-shaped cross. Someone else comes up to him and asks if he would like some water. The person holds up a bowl of water and pours it down the hero's chest without giving him any to drink. In all the years since then I have never seen this movie again.
Back in the 1960's a local NY city channel WOR 9 showed a lot of these movies. I remember seeing Steve Reeves in several.
I really want to know what my first movie was and was hoping you could help. That unlabeled picture in the corner of your blog certainly looks like it might be it. We saw this film as a double feature with a black and white movie of another genre, but that's another story.

gpm said...

Sounds like it might be "Sign of the Gladiator." There's a preview that includes at least part of that scene on the PEPLUM Youtube channel that's linked on this page.