Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo of the Day

Torvald (Jack Palance) wins his third staff of liberty in BARABBAS

The entire gladiator moment in the film is, imo, the best part of it and Jack helps a lot. It almost stands on its own as a completely separate film. And there's something about his character, some underlying aspect, which elevates it from the standard walk-in cameo type of role. I won't speculate what but it's fascinating. His costume in this shot is cool too. Also, and this might be controversial to some but Palance would have made a better Barabbas than Anthony Quinn. 

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Steve R. Orsulak said...

I have mentioned this before that I thought that Jack's role in this movie was outstanding. He played a real cruel and bloodthirsty gladiator who loved to kill. It's too bad that they never made a movie about his character showing why he became such a bloodthirsty gladiator. He might have made a good Barabbas, but Anthony Quinn I thought was an excellent choice.