Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photo of the Day

Travis Van Winkle, Sean Maguire (as Leonidas) and Kevin Sorbo in MEET THE SPARTANS

I have to watch this film one day.


Steven Lester said...

It is quite stylized and fantastic in its portrayal of the old story. The spartans sure were tough, and abtastic bodies are everywhere. The narrator was my favorite part.

gpm said...

SL: Are you talking about this movie, or "The 300"? This is the parody version, done by a group that has done a ton of rote and tiresome parodies. But this one was fairly amusing.


Steven Lester said...

The 300, of course. I just assumed that this was that. They are dressed the same and their abs are just as prominent. My bad.

Bunche (pop culture ronin) said...

This is from the same schlockmeisters who foisted DATE MOVIE, EPIC MOVIE, DISASTER MOVIE, and other humor-void "comedies" upon the world, and while it is undeniably bad, it's definitely worth a look to those of us who speak fluent peplum. And, to be fair, of the films in its niche ilk, it's by far the most entertaining of that sorry lot.