Thursday, February 28, 2013


With the current situation with my beleaguered PEPLUM TV Youtube channel, there are now only 2 videos there. I altered the BY THE GODS! one and re-uploaded it to Youtube. It might be the last one I'll upload there until early fall. I didn't close the channel but simply removed everything because YT sucks.

In the meantime I already created a new PEPLUM channel account at DailyMotion, which is not great by any means but regardless I might upload stuff there for a while. I already uploaded the EVENING STAR clip at DailyMotion.


Anonymous said...

Would be a viable platform? Then again - I had a look there for Peplum, and the bulk of it is of very substandard picture quality - making the movies difficult to watch. Some quality malfunctions are due to source material, others due to overzealous compression.

Any chance of an overview of what can be found on the 'net and the picture quality of those? It's a Augean labour to find anything watchable!


Brrrodie the Westie said...

By the LAME FOOT OF VULCAN this is a good compilation!!! Thanks