Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo of the Day

Mario Novelli (left) and Willy Colombini (behind Mario) are looking at a sea creature in HERCULES, SAMSON & ULYSSES

This scene is not in the US cut. It happens just before the opening credits. In a way, it's not important to the upcoming main story but it does set up the mood for the film and I like it for that. The sea creature is a simple seal which is not really terrifying and might be the main reason why it was cut. Today that could be fixed with CGI retouching. Mario is not credited at IMDb for this film *spoiler*  because he dies in this scene therefore he's not in the rest of the film.


Steven Lester said...

Those two in the front look as if they could give even Hercules some trouble, even alone. Together they might be unconquerable.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Well Mario was one of the INVINCIBLE BROTHERS MACISTE!