Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo of the Day

Steve Reeves as Aeneas  in WAR OF THE TROJANS (aka The Avenger)

This scene might not seem spectacular but it's quite cool because it's not including in the US version. Around 7 minutes was cut from the original Italian version, including this scene when Aeneas tries to find a new land (I always thought the US version started too abruptly). The opening credits are also different, with different music. Any missing scene of Steve is important as every second of film of him needs to be preserved. I have to do a Fan Edit.


S.R.Orsulak said...

This happened to many movies released in US during the late 50's&60's, a lot of it was because they all were billed as double features and they wanted a certain time frame for each movie. 3hrs-15 mins. you got 2 movies, previews, maybe a cartoon. Most 2 bills were 3hrs. I remember 2 of Steve's movies that were in 2 bills THE SLAVE with CAPTAIN SINBAD, GOLIATH AGAINST THE BARBARIANS with (I'm not sure) another AIP spectacle. Steve's movies usually played as top bill and as the only movie, like HERCULES or MORGAN THE PIRATE. All his movies were well attended in theaters there was no need to double-up. In later years they released both HERCULES Movies as a 2 bill. I'm glad that you caught this, I like THE AVENGER a lot and I thought it started out pretty awkward. This will make a great Fan Edit.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Good points. You'd think though that the US distributor of the DVD would have tried to get the uncut version. I'll post about the differences this week.