Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The ALIX comic book was created in 1949 by Jacques Martin and there are 30+ books chronicling the story of a young Gaul man adopted by a Roman who eventually befriended an Egyptian orphan named Enak and both young men would remain friends as they experienced one  adventure after another. Why this hasn't been made into a film is a mystery as it is rich with stories to draw from.


abdul666 said...

Alix! Read them all in their time; my interest in Ancient History (and not-so History) is for a part rooted in them.
A characteristic feature is that, while the story is set at a precise date (between the fall of Alesia and Cesar's death), each country appears with the costume, armor... of its own greatest period: New Empire for Egypt, Assyria for Iraq, Greek & Persian Wars for Greece and Iran, Trajanic Roman Empire for Rome... This was quite common by then, even in children illustrated History books.

Another characteristic feature is rampant (if unconscious?) homosexuality. Not only in the Alix - Enak relationships, but blatant in some images. Very few women appear, and Martin was surprisingly clumsy when drawing them.

Richard Svensson said...

I really enjoyed the Alix comics too. And I agree that they are very male-dominated!