Monday, January 17, 2011

Photo of the Day

Anne Heywood is about to be sacrificed in CARTHAGE IN FLAMES.

Epic PEPLUM film that's overlooked and often misunderstood and criticized for the 
wrong reasons. Action fans think it's too dull (there's action alright) and drama/historical 
fans think it's too inaccurate or melodramatic. It's basically a grand tragedy with an ending 
that's downbeat and beautifully ironic/fatalistic. Great production values, amazing score. 
Anne Heywood saves the film with her excellent acting as the Roman woman who's fate  
is set at Carthage. I love it. A totally unique Sword & Sandal flick in more ways than one.

I uploaded the entire movie at my PEPLUMz channel. Check it out below.

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