Monday, January 31, 2011

Movie Poster Mondays

Pepluminous movie poster for SAMSON & THE  7 MIRACLES OF THE WORLD.

A fun film starring Gordon Scott and Yoko Tani. And in COLORSCOPE, no less.
A remake of this, with all its grandiose aspirations intact, would actually be cool.

Having seen it several times though, I still wonder what the 7 miracles are supposed to be. According to the poster, the 7 "miracles" are:

The man made earthquake (ok, that's one)
The chariot of death (huh? that's a miracle?)
The rock of freedom (?)
The tree of mystery (?)
The bell of truth (in the film the bell is called the bell of freedom)
The golden tiger (there's a tiger but just your average tiger)
The living dead (there were living dead in it? samson knocks himself cold and people think he's dead....)

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