Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DVD Review

50 movie pack from Mill Creek

The image quality of the DVDs is mostly horrible. The Mill Creek logo creeps up from time to time on the bottom right corner for these public domain films and yet I actually recommend this pack ONLY if you need a crash course in the PEPLUM genre, you should start here. Though the image quality does affect the merit of a film, it does give you an idea of which films are worth buying better DVDs to appreciate them and those that are best forgotten (in my case, none of them are...but that's because I'm a PEPLUM fan). 4 years ago I knew little about Italian Sword & Sandal films and I started with this and I never regretted it. When I bought it the pack was only $15 which was cheap. I think it goes for $28 now which is too expensive.

Here's my review of the pack at Amazon. My taste has changed since then so the reviews of the films do not reflect my opinion now, mostly after seeing those films in a pristine DVD transfer or just "getting" them (ie: VULCAN SON OF JUPITER, which I like now, even if the direction is terrible).

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