Friday, April 6, 2012

Location: Hearst Castle

In SPARTACUS, we see Laurence Olivier walk about a pool; the pool can be found at the Hearst Castle in California. I was wondering if these photos should be posted under the topic of "Location" or "Anachronism" because that pool wouldn't have existed in such a way in Antiquity but I decided it would be best under Location.

The pool today


Steven Lester said...

For a long time nobody could legally swim in it, not even the staff, because it did not have the depth notations on the sides. Now, though, it is used from time to time, so either the California Legislature made an exception for the park, or they did apply some sort numbering where it needed to be.

However, you probably wouldn't want to swim in it for very long. The water comes from a mountain stream and isn't heated. Very cold to be in.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Thanks for the info. "Cool" stuff...