Monday, December 18, 2023


Massimo Girotti and Luisa Ferida in THE IRON CROWN (1941) 

This is an incredible movie, a heady mix of genres, all in one amazing film. It's PEPLUM, of course, but it's an incredible combo of Medieval or Robin Hood, Religious, Mystical, Tarzan (hero living in forest), etc. It has so many elements in it, as I mentioned above: religion and mysticism. Violence and love. For an old movie, it's loaded with stuff. The US version is re-edited from the original, and oddly enough, it actually made some improvements to it in some aspects but the entire film needs to be seen to experience. Directed by Alessandro Blasetti, who would re-ignite the PEPLUM genre with FABIOLA (1949). A young Massimo would become a big star of Italian cinema. Of course, the movie is not available in English in HD.

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