Tuesday, December 19, 2023

HD Alert!

Steve Reeves in THE WHITE WARRIOR (1960)

I posted about this movie on November 23. Someone mentioned that there is an HD copy of this Riccardo Freda movie with cinematography by Mario Bava. Well, I finally got hold of this copy. Let me tell you...lol! I watched the HD MKV file via the VLC app. I thought the image was extremely dark (like many of these HD transfers). Screenshot below. Well, while working on this movie and taking screenshots of all the different I have I realized something: the VLC app unnecessarily darkens the image. I made an MP4 file of the movie and the image (above) is much better. The movie looks great in HD but it is a bit on the dark side. Not as much as viewing it with VLC below.

I'll make a comparison of all the different versions soon (I already have all the screenshots taken). It's interesting to see which version is the correct one. I'm please with it even though it's not as colourful as other prints. 

Note: never watch a movie with the VLC app.

The dark image as seen while using the VLC app. 

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JAM said...

Can you please tell me where I can get the HD print of this movie, The White Warrior? The screenshots look fantastic! Better than anything I currently Have. Thanks.
Joe Matrisciano