Monday, October 9, 2023


Lisa Gastoni, as Princess Gamal, faces Tharus and decides his fate, with Mimmo Palmara listening, in THARUS - SON OF ATTILA (1962)

I like this film. It's one of those PEPLUM movies few know about. They might have heard of HERCULES (1958) but not this. Of course, many will say it's not in the same league. True, but for m it doesn't matter. It's fun and entertaining. For some reason, it gets a lot of hate. But any film with Lisa Gastoni is worth watching. Jerome Courtland plays Tharus (not pictured here) was mainly a TV actor so I'm not familiar with his career but he's good in it. Mimmo plays the usual slimy villain. He was so great at it. 

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There appears to be an aspect ratio distortion to the image.