Thursday, October 19, 2023


Tamara Lees, Livio Lorezon and Germano Longo are the main stars of A SWORD IN THE SHADOW (1961)

It's a rare PEPLUM movie where the villain, played with over-the-top verve by Germano Longo, is the main character of the story. There is a good guy, Fabrizio, played by Mario Valdermarin (not pictured) who's ok but he's totally eclipsed by Longo. It's a typical story of terrible people scheming things which makes for an entertaining movie. Longo is so good when he's not on screen, you sorta miss him. He does overdo it at times but that's the nature of his character. Tamara Lees had top billing but he role is more passive than anything. It's one of those PEPLUM movies in which no one has the right title: IMDb says it's SWORD IN THE SHADOWS while the copy I have taken from an old TV broadcast (below) from the US is titled A SWORD IN THE SHADOW. 


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Anonymous said...

Original Italian title: Una spada nell' ombra
French title: L' épée du châtiment (The Sword of Punishment)

I would have used "A Sword in the Shadows" as a better-sounding english title conveying the meaning of the original italian, rather than the word-for-word translation they used.