Monday, October 30, 2023


Totokamen Sabachi (Totò) is about to get smashed by Maciste (Samson Burke) in TOTO VS MACISTE (1962)

The bulk of PEPLUM comedies or movies spoofing the PEPLUM genre are about the uber dense muscular guy, basically a meathead, vs the more cunning but punny man, like Toto. This is a perfect example of this. It's fun but quite predictable after a while. No English Dub version but a version with English subtitles exist. From what I've been told or read, the English translation doesn't get the jokes. They don't translate well. I believe it. 


Note: posting will be sporadic in the coming weeks due to some medical issues with my mother. I hope you understand. Once things settle down, regular postings should resume.


Anonymous said...

All the best to your mother. Thank you for the time you put into this site.

Anonymous said...

A previous review of the film here at PeplumTV:

Here is a clip from the film where Totò as Totokamen is inspiring his troops. It's hilarious how he swings back and forth from the bombastic to complete silliness in what seems to be a parody of Mussolini's speeches. I can enjoy it even without understanding the words.