Monday, May 22, 2023


Cameron Mitchell and Franca Bettoia in ATTACK OF THE NORMANS (1962)

One of several PEPLUM movies Cameron Mitchell made in Italy. He was a supporting actor in Hollywood productions but became the lead actor in these Italian films. I like this one. It's quite entertaining. It uses scenes from THE LAST OF THE VIKINGS (1961) quite well and if you watch ATTACK OF THE NORMANS without having watched THE LAST OF THE VIKINGS, you wouldn't realize this. I like LAST but I actually prefer this one. LAST has some great scenes and cast but the direction is uneven while this one keeps one's interest from beginning to end. Franca Bettoia is excellent in her role. Almost all of her scenes are with Mitchell. She starred in a handful of other PEPLUM productions, including DUEL OF CHAMPIONS (1961) co-starring with another American actor, Alan Ladd. Franca is still alive. Also known as INVASION OF THE NORMANS (UK), or CONQUEST OF THE NORMANS (US) or simply THE NORMANS. 

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