Monday, May 1, 2023


Terence Hill in CARTHAGE IN FLAMES (1960) 

This is one of many PEPLUM movies starring Terence Hill in which the star was mainly a supporting actor (under his real name, Mario Girotti) who would have first billing on VHS or DVDs, and now Blu-rays covers as Terence Hill. This is always something perplexing to me. This movie is sold as a Terence Hill film when his screen time is roughly in and around 7 minutes in total. The same thing with the recent Blu-ray release of HANNIBAL (1959). It's being sold as a Bud Spencer / Terence Hill movie even if both actors (who never appear together) had small supporting roles. This is not only happening with Hill's movies but other films, like HERCULES AGAINST THE SONS OF THE SUN (1964) starring Mark Forest is now sold as a Guiliano Gemma movie. So many Cinematic Confusion aspects to this genre.

I like this film but the English dub is truly atrocious and the movie itself is a downer. I don't know how they could sell it back then.

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