Tuesday, May 23, 2023

More on the Netflix QUEEN CLEOPATRA Docu-series...

The Netflix docu-series QUEEN CLEOPATRA has got some of the lowest scores for a Netflix production ever. As the screenshot above shows at Rotten Tomatoes. At IMDb, it's even lower. It has a rating of 1% (below) making it the lowest rated productions listed there.

Producer Jada Pinket Smith blamed 'white supremacy' on the backlash. Maybe this backlash will inspired a new set of PEPLUM movies.

Meanwhile, news of a new Cleopatra movie was announced. It will star Gal Gadot as the titular character. Great timing!


And there's another production in the works, directed by Denis Villeneuve and that production will be based on the book below.


Anonymous said...

Here the title CLΣΟΡΔ+RΔ is supposed to 'represent' CLEOPATRA (in proper Greek ΚΛΕΟΠΑΤΡΑ).

On the cringeworthy gimmicky misuse/abuse of Greek Letters as a visual device see:


In peplum titles I sometimes see Σ used to represent E, but nothing as horrific as the above concoction !

Anonymous said...

One example of a good english lettering alternative to use instead of Faux Greek text: