Tuesday, May 23, 2023

HD Alert!

Steve Reeves and cast in THE SON OF SPARTACUS (1962; aka The Slave) 

Here's a brief overview of the new German Blu-ray of this movie: It's excellent. One of the best transfers yet. And there's an English audio option. 

The image above, which looks like a painting, is not retouched. The images below are not retouched. There are some image issues in regards to colours. I don't know if the movie was originally like this or it's the from the transfer itself but some parts of the movie have overly blue tints and overly orange ones. The scenes at night are clear, unlike many other transfers, including the German Blu-ray of DUEL OF THE TITANS in which the night scenes were extremely dark. Even with the colour issues, I highly recommend this release.

Here's a quick comparison. The image on top is from the new Blu-ray and below that is a screenshot taken from the terrible Warner Archive DVD.
 The difference in resolutions is amazing.

Here's a clearer view of the Warner Archive screenshot.

I hated the Warner Archive release. The image was way too dark but if you notice, the Blu-ray is very yellowish/orangy while the Warner copy is way too dark and reddish. But the sky looks more true to reality than the yellowish one from the Blu-ray. Again, I don't know if the film was shot this way but there seems to be some (not so major) discrepancies with the colours of many scenes in the new release. But the image clarity blows the Warner one to smithereens. The German Blu-ray comes with a slipcover.  You can buy it here: link.


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