Tuesday, February 14, 2023

HD Alert!

Yoko Tani and Rory Calhoun in MARCO POLO (1962) 

By today I should have received the new Blu-ray edition of this movie and I would have given a quick review/overview of it but unfortunately something went wrong with Amazon and I still haven't received it yet even if I pre-ordered it. I should get it by next week. According to a comment from last Friday from someone who got it, the new Blu-ray is not the US cut with the Les Baxter score but the original International English Dub with the Angelo Lavagnino score. Somewhat disappointed by this. I'm happy it's uncut and I love Lavagnino's music but I don't know if the International English Dub has Rory's voice in it. I do have a copy of the US cut with the Baxter score, and Rory's voice, but the quality of the print is poor. I'll post info on it once I receive it.

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Anonymous said...

The new Blu-ray does have Rory Calhoun's voice.