Friday, February 17, 2023

At the movies...

CALIGULA'S HOT NIGHTS (1977) shown at a movie theatre in 1982 in Barcelona. It was also known as THE HOT NIGHTS OF CALIGULA but here the word NIGHT is incorrect.


Anonymous said...

From the surrounding evidence and exploring this further, this looks like it was the Capitol Cinema at 138 La Rambla, Barcelona right next to Hotel Continental. It opened in 1926 with 1700 seats. In 1989 it was converted to a theatre which finally closed in 2020.
See Wikipedia entry in Spanish:

From what I understand, the boards translate:
(middle) Original version with subtitles.
(right) Rated S (sexual). At last, the film that shocked Italy.

Anonymous said...

On the S-classification:

The S-rating was introduced after 1975 allowing softcore pornography to be shown in mainstream cinemas in Spain. In 1983 it was replaced by the more permissive X-rating.