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In today's example of different versions found in my collection, the spotlight is on SAMSON AND THE 7 MIRACLES OF THE WORLD (1961) starring Gordon Scott, Yoko Tani, Gabriele Antonini, Hélène Chanel and a host of other actors. Directed by Riccardo Freda.

It was time to compare versions with the recent release of the Kino Lorber Blu-ray edition, which is great. Almost nothing bad to say about it except for the fact that the US print is, contrary to claims, missing. There is a US edition included in the Blu-ray release but it's not taken from the actual print but a well made Fan Dub: they took the English audio track from the US release, which includes Les Baxter's score, and edited down to match the audio and edit of the original US release. It's nice but it's not the same. Also, the image is sorta very dark in many scenes, which seems to be a standard problem with these Blu-ray transfers.
Unfortunately, this Blu-ray edition doesn't have the original Italian audio as an extra, just the International English Dub on the uncut print with the original score by Carlo Innocenzi and the redubbed version with the Les Baxter score (and some Carlo Innocenzi bits...) in the US 'Fan Dub' cut. To give an example of the differences between the two English dubs, in the International English Dub, Gabriele Antonin's character is named Chew while in the US Dub, he's called Cho. 

Note: European PAL is 25 frames per second while NTSC is 24 frames per second, like how the movies were shown in movie theatres. At 25 FP, the runtime is abbreviated. The original runtime of the uncut version at 24 FPS is 95 minutes. The same movie, uncut, as PAL is 91 minutes. The original runtime of the US cut is 77 minutes and 3 seconds.

The actors in screengrabs below: Gabriele Antonini, Yoko Tani and Gordon Scott.

Original uncut version from the Kino Lorber Blu-ray (2022). 

Runtime: 95 minutes 38 sec

Aspect ratio: 1980 X 804

This print is uncut and in English but the audio is different than the US version.
 This one has the International English Dub.


'Fan Dub' version of the US cut from the Kino Lorber Blu-ray (2022). 

Runtime: 76 minutes 7 sec

Aspect ratio: 1920 X 804

The voices and dialogue of the US cut has different dialogue and voice actors. I prefer this one over the International English Dub which is good but not as interesting. The runtime is one minute shorter than the original US cut which is 77 minutes and 3 secs.


Original Italian HD TV Broadcast with French Dub (2020) 

Runtime: 91 minutes 52 sec (PAL)

Aspect ratio: 1280 X 534

This is a 'Fan Dub' with the French audio added to an Italian HD TV broadcast of the movie. This edition has the Italian and French dubs.

Original Italian with English subtitles (2019) 

Runtime: 91 minutes 52 sec

Aspect ratio: 1080 X 432

This is a Fan Sub. English subtitles were added to this print by a fan out there. Same print as the Italian DVD (below) but set at a higher resolution.

Spanish DVD edition (2021) 

Runtime: 91 minutes 52 sec (PAL)

Aspect ratio: 1018 X 432

Pretty much the standard Italian DVD print but from a Spanish DVD. Italian audio also included.


Original Italian version source unknown (2011) 

Runtime: 91 minutes 32 sec (PAL)

Aspect ratio: 704 X 336

Missing opening credit of Gordon Scott - Yoko Tani. One of the earliest prints I got. Most likely from a VHS.

French VHS release (2017) 

Runtime: 91 minutes 10 sec (PAL or SECAM)

Aspect ratio: 720 X 334

A VHS source in widescreen. Runtime is different. 

Spanish edition with Spanish and Italian audio (2017)

Runtime: 91 minutes 52 sec (PAL)

Aspect ratio: 720 X 304

A standard edition same as the Italian DVD.

French edition Fan made (2016) 

Runtime: 91 minutes 52 sec (PAL)

Aspect ratio: 720 X 304

Another French Fan Dub. Print most likely taken from Italian DVD (below). Italian audio is included in this MKV file.

Italian DVD edition (2017) 

Runtime: 91 minutes 52 sec (PAL)

Aspect ratio: 720 X 304

This print is pretty much the standard print that was available form many years. Many have made special Fan Dub or Fan Sub editions with this copy.

Original US cut from the 50 Warriors DVD Pack (2008) 

Runtime: 77 minutes 3 sec

Aspect ratio: 624 X 368

This is the 'public domain' print available of the US rlease. It differs greatly from the original Italian uncut International English Dub version. The ten minutes intro is entirely cut. This DVD version is partially widescreen which is rare for US editions.

Notes: the years listed are not the years these editions became available but the year I acquired them. The Kino Lorber Blu-ray edition is the first HD version to be commercially available anywhere in the world.

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