Thursday, June 9, 2022


Wandisa Guida and Gina Rovere in VENGEANCE OF URSUS (1961) 

I always wondered what had happened to Wandisa. She had a substantial acting career and then she vanished from the face of the earth. She made 35 movies in roughly 10 years, a dozen of which were PEPLUM movies. She was always good in every role, no matter the quality of the movie itself. She's definitely one of my favourite PEPLUM actresses. Where are you? Anyway, this is a fun film with an undeservebly 'bad' reputation. When you see it in widescreen and beautiful colours, the movie is pure PEPLUM fun.

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Anonymous said...

This film was released in not very good colour DVD’s and on YouTube for a few years. Finally Peplum TV gave us a top widescreen English language version to watch. By the way this Ursus film has been on Tv here in Melbourne Australia a few times over the years in Italian with English subtitles. Wayne W.