Thursday, June 2, 2022


Alessandro Panaro and Mike Lane, as Hercules, in ULYSSES AGAINST HERCULES (1962)

Without a doubt, Mike Lane is the tallest actor who played Hercules. At 6'8", he surpassed the other tall actors like Peter Lupus, Dan Vadis and Ken Clark. Steve Reeves was 6'1" so not short but would look short next to Lane, who was a professional wrestler before entering the world of movies and TV. He starred in VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS (1961) and was dressed and looked like Hercules in it. Producers of this movie must have seen it and were inspired by it. 

His height caused a problem: his costumes needed a lot of fabric and the more fabric he wore, the more his costumes looked like dresses. His costume here is more flowing than Alessandra's dress. It makes him look a bit goofy not sharp. Alessandra must have had a sore neck after staring at him. She's one of my favourites actress of the PEPLUM genre. She was excellent in THE BACCHANTES (1961).

I have so many copies of this movie, including one in HD but the HD is not true HD from a new transfer. One day it will be available in true HD and it will be amazing. It was shot in the Canary Islands and that alone makes it worth watching. It's one of my favourites. 


Anonymous said...

Lane is also in the 1958 movie Frankenstein 1970.

Anonymous said...

Lane has a really outstanding role in the classic Bogart movie THE HARDER THEY FALL which I think was Bogart's last movie.