Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Blog note

Well, this experiment lasted one week. Starting today, I'm going back to the old format.

People are royally confused by the new format of the blog. Even though individual posts have done better, over twice the views, from the old format, overall people seem confused by it. And even though the new format has more posts than the previous format (11 posts new format vs 9 posts old format), it seems the previous format, with less posts, was less confusing.

This is the problem I've had since the beginning of the blog: new posts bump the older ones from the first page and, unfortunately, 95% of visitors do not go beyond the first page which means the posts bumped off the main page are not being read. And this blog has **12 years worth** of material beyond the main page (see Blog archive on the left menu). So, the longer the content stays on the first page the less confusing it is. People prefer less material. Go figure.


There'll still be some changes to the blog. I'll be ditching the 'By The Gods!' name for daily posts and call them 'Musings!' The big MUSINGS! post I published twice a month (above) will be history. I absolutely loved doing these fun and informative posts but as is often the case the reaction here was mostly 'meh'! I worked hard on the MUSINGS! posts, collecting stuff for weeks but the feedback (or lack of feedback) was underwhelming. Instead of having multiple topics under one MUSINGS! (Cinematic Confusion, Recent Acquisitions, etc), I'll spread them out as daily Musings! or as individual posts.

Speaking of 12 years worth of stuff, I'll be revisiting older posts as well. Everything should be more clear in the upcoming weeks.

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