Thursday, June 23, 2022


 Rossana Podesta and Mario Petri are 'barbarian Gauls' in SLAVE OF ROME (1961)

This is one of those movies which, this scene aside, was shot almost entirely outdoors. I like it. It's very entertaining and it's original. Opera singer Petri plays the bad guy pretty well and he's quite impressive. Podesta becomes the 'slave of rome.' Where's the high definition print of this? 


Orsh said...

This is a really good Peplum. I saw this years ago and was very impressed by the story and the actors. I was always a big fan of Rosana and enjoyed her performances in the many movies she starred in.

Anonymous said...

Rossana is a great favorite of mine and Petri is always entertaining to watch. Thankfully there are some good quality European DVDs out there of this film with English language options.