Monday, May 30, 2022

By the Gods!

Big Dan Vadis is Hercules in THE TRIUMPH OF HERCULES (1964) 

I like this movie and there are a lot of good things to mention about it but there's also a part of it which I don't like. This Hercules comes across as someone who is easily manipulated and at one point he causes death and destruction from manipulation from the villains. Herc sorta comes across as not too bright. Anyway, aside from that dramatic turn of events, the rest of the movie is pretty solid PEPLUM entertainment. The movie was always available in decent prints but even so I can't wait for an HD release of this. 


Steven Lester said...

As you say, but he loses his strength and his pride, gets beat up by a gang of soldiers and then has to go through the trams of almost losing his girl friend due to his now human weakness until he asks for forgiveness from his Dad Zeus, who does and then he wrecks vengence. I always liked the arrogant jock getting his comeuppance idea the best in this film.

Anonymous said...

Big Eddie Constantine fan. Is there a story behind the photo? Was Eddie filming in the area and dropped by to visit someone he had worked with?