Tuesday, May 3, 2022

HD Alert!

David Brandon, as Caligula, and Laura Gemser and Charles Borromel in CALIGULA: THE UNTOLD STORY (1982)

A full HD version of this notorious movie is now available on the the SEVERIN pack. The HD is pretty good, and this movie, as lurid as it is, is filmed better than most of the same period but some scenes are murky and unimpressive, not because the transfer wasn't done properly but because of filming conditions. There's the uncut Italian version, which would shock even the most jaded cinephiles, and there's also the US cut, which is considerably much tamer but still retains the movie's lurid aspects. 

David Brandon, Gabriele Tinti and Charles Borromel. Both Tinti and Borromel starred in PEPLUM movies of the Golden Era. Oddly enough, Borromel played Caligula in THE LAST GLADIATOR (1964; aka Messalina against the Son of Hercules). Tinti and Laura Gemser were married and often worked on the same projects. 


Anonymous said...

What are the difference in running times between the cut and uncut versions? The DVD I have is 125 minutes.

PEPLUM TV said...

The US cut is 94 minutes long (PAL). The uncut italian version is slightly over 2 hours (PAL). Your copy is the uncut version.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It has some really gruesome stuff in it.