Thursday, October 29, 2020

Lobby Cards Set: SON OF SINBAD (1955)

Original US lobby cards set of SON OF SINBAD (1955) starring Dale Robertson, Vincent Price and Sally Forrest. The set captures the movie's fun tone. It's light, colourful and filled with beautiful women. One great shot of the star, Dale Robertson (card #5) and one with Vincent (card #2), one with Dale and a bathing beauty (#6), and one with Dale, Vincent and some girls (#7). Good set.


Scott Ochiltree said...

SON OF SINBAD is indeed a fun movie, primarily because of the many attractive actresses. Legend has it that Howard Hughes gave roles to just about all his mistresses.

Unfortunately this film does not appear to be available for either streaming or on DVD at present.

Anonymous said...

Yikes I thought sexualisation of female costumes in Peplum films came after the 60s like in the 80s but it seems in Hollywood/the US atleast it had been going on from before.