Tuesday, October 20, 2020

By the Gods!

Giacomo Rossi Stuart and Ferdinando Poggi in THE MYSTERY OF THUG ISLAND (1964)

Rossi Stuart plays Tremal Naik. In our politically correct times, this movie, and other of its kind, are blasphemous. Better save them on your hard drives before TPTB bans them forever. I know the actors are not the right race but both actors look tanned, not in brown or black face. The two look almost identical. 


Anonymous said...

You're being ridiculous. Nobody but you watches flicks like this anyway.

Anonymous said...

Not so ridiculous if you see the ever increasing trend toward extreme political correctness. And these "flicks" have a substantial following among fans of the genre. So piss off.

Anonymous said...

Love the costume. Nice cleavage :) I'm watching it right away!