Monday, October 26, 2020

By the Gods!

Franca Bettoia and Ray Danton in SANDOKAN STRIKES BACK (1964)

This was one of 3 Sandokan movies released in 1964 in Italy. Yes, 3!!! The first movie starring Steve Reeves, SANDOKAN THE GREAT was released in December 1963 (but it got a wide release afterwards around the world) then the two Sandokan movies with Ray Danton were released, including this one, in August 1964 and then SANDOKAN AGAINST THE LEOPARD OF SARAWAK on October 18, 1964. Steve Reeves' SANDOKAN - THE PIRATE OF MALAYSIA was released on October 16. 1964. No wonder the whole series is confusing. The title to the second Reeves Sandokan movie didn't have the name Sandokan in it, only THE PIRATE OF MALAYSIA, maybe to prevent confusion with the Ray Danton ones. Reeves must have been pissed off by this. I'm not familiar with Danton as an actor. Aside from starring as George Raft in THE GEORGE RAFT STORY (1961), Danton mostly appeared in TV shows I've seldom watched. As for Franca, she made a couple of PEPLUM movies, 6 to be exact, including DUEL OF CHAMPIONS (1961), her most famous title. Franca is still alive!


alomaco said...

Ray Danton was also known for The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond. In 2008, the American Film Institute nominated this film for its Top 10 Gangster Films list. It's a really good film. Danton's best European film is The Last Mercenary directed by Mel Welles. A shamefully neglected gem that should've had a proper dvd/bluray release by now.

Anonymous said...

Ray Danton was a Universal-International contract star for many years. While there he met and married Julie Adams (of Creature from the Black Lagoon fame). Later he gave up acting and became a director.