Friday, August 28, 2020

Recent acquisitions - summer 2020

Every summer, I sorta post about PEPLUM stuff I've bought. I didn't buy much this summer due to many reasons, one of which is, of course, the whole coronavirus situation. For the longest time shipping has slowed to a crawl in Canada, so it discouraged me from buying things. What I did buy I mostly really like, certainly the posters. Remarkably enough, the vintage posters from Italy were the least expensive things in this haul.

Movie Memorabilia:

Giant poster of GLADIATOR OF ROME (1962). It's so big I had to place it on my bed. It comes in two separate sheets. It's absolutely spectacular. I love it. I don't know where to put it but I'm glad it's in my collection. I paid $22.00 in US currency.

Not as big as GLADIATOR OF ROME but still very big, here's an original poster of THE GIANTS OF THESSALY (1961). It's in a fragile state. It's great. In SUPERTOTALSCOPE! Only $10.00 US.

Well, this one is stunning. Original Italian poster of SON OF SAMSON (1960). The artwork, everything, is eye catching. One of the best posters, PEPLUM or not, in my collection. I love seeing MACISTE in such bold lettering. This was the first Maciste movie since the silent era. Same size as the THESSALY one. Only $35.00 US! A steal!

Two Danish movie programs of Steve Reeves movies: HERCULES (1958) and MORGAN, THE PIRATE (1960). There are photos in these tiny programs which I've never seen before.


Filed with info but the writing is more focused on the political stuff than the movies themselves. I will use this as reference. Why the author focused on this subject remains a mystery (to me anyway). Only $12.00 US.

This book cost nearly $90.00. I sorta regret buying it. As I stated before, it reads more like a novel (author assumes stuff of how Freda thought or felt even though he wasn't there hen these things transpired. It's odd.) I was expecting a book with technical stuff, some anecdotes, and the usual but not this.

This book is a find. I never heard of it and came upon it by accident. It focuses only on Hollywood movies, which I was expecting, and it's filled with photos and looks pretty good. I'll read it soon enough. 

A soft-cover book filled with drawing which illustrates how people of Pompeii lived back in the day. Nice.


Two DVDs from SINISTER CINEMA. These are probably my last ones I'll buy from them. They are way overpriced and the shipping is insanely expensive. In total these two DVDs cost me $75.00 Canadian. Yes, you read that right. $32 US for both DVDs + shipping (over $20 US) and the currency conversion brings it to $75 in Canadian dollars. It's too much. But I'm glad I bought both. The GOLGOTHA is the only English version available anywhere (from my research) and the movie itself is excellent so I'm happy with this purchase. 

Even though I have multiple copies of SINS OF ROME (1953) none of them are complete (in the English dub, anyway). I bought the SOMETHING WEIRD version of this film a couple of months ago, which is complete but the audio is messed up. So I decided to buy the SINISTER one to see if it has all the missing scenes with good audio and it mostly does. So I'll use the audio from this copy and add it to the SOMETHING WEIRD one, fix it and it will be the most complete edition in English. The audio is fine but the image quality is terrible.


I ordered some samples from the official PEPLUM TV store and I got this t-shirt, size extra large. The smaller the size of the t-shirt, the bigger the design will look. The bigger size t-shirt, the smaller the design will look. I also ordered a mug but it's either lost in the mail or delayed (I ordered it over a month ago!). I'm impressed by the quality of stuff from Teespring but the shipping sucks (I'm not responsible for it). Don't let this discourage you from buying merchandise though. Keep in mind of what is going on in the world in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, I'll be adding new designs and stuff to the store in the coming months.

I still have other stuff on the way (I have a second GIANTS OF THESSALY poster I haven't received yet), delayed by the slowed down shipping caused by the coronavirus lockdowns. I'll mention these purchases in a later haul.


orsh549 said...

You got some really neat things. Sinister Cinema has some videos that are excellent, but they also have some that are run of the mill. Two weeks ago I ordered 2 DVDS from Super Strange video from Eastpointe.MI. and I landed 2 excellent DVD-Rs the first one is widescreen CARTHAGE IN FLAMES with a running time of 106min, The opening credits are in Italian but the movie is dubbed in English and this really surprised me of such great quality. The second movie is one of my all time favs ROMULUS AND REMUS opening credits in Italian but English dubbed with running time of 104 min. and in Widescreen with excellent quality. I have ordered several times from them and they do not disappoint. They even emailed me to ask if I wanted PAL FORMAT or regular which is what I use. Recommended!!!

Salgister said...

I used to purchase DVD's from Midnight Cinema. After looking for the movie The Sword and the Dragon, found it here. But it was a terrible copy, bad colour, sound, etc. Wasn't worth the money paid. But I could boast that I had a copy of this movie. I bought the uncut Lucio Fulci Trilogy too. But after some time, I quit and didn't buy anymore for Midnight Cinema, pricey and a torture to watch. Not all of them. I have a copy of The Lost World (1960) is impeccable. Oh, I forgot to mention, they were in VHS. I even bought Golgotha from them too.

Now for the Italian Posters. I remember them being pinned on boards about 2 metres long and 3m high. Of course there was the normal sized posters too like Hercules, but for others like La Schiava dell' Impero, was a really gigantic poster.