Thursday, August 27, 2020

By the Gods!

Salammbò (Jeanne Valérie) and Narr Havas (Edmund Purdom) are mortal enemies in SALAMMBO (1960)

This movie has been blocked and unblocked on Youtube more times than I can remember. Recently, it was playable on YT without any claims but now it's playable only with a copyright claim. I did a Fan Dub of this over-the-top PEPLUM, the only one available in English and widescreen, and well I can't play it anywhere. I like it. There are some really good stuff in it even though it's often overly boisterous, certainly in regards to the score. Director Sergio Grieco, who played it safe in previous productions, went all machismo with this one. It's quite fun to watch the director's transition into this uber virile director who went on to make other OTT macho movies like JULIUS CAESAR AGAINST THE PIRATES (1962) and later on with Eurospy movies like the 077 series with Ken Clark, such as SPECIAL MISSION LADY CHAPLIN (1966) which is really worth watching, and in the 1970s in addition of directing movies he also became a screenwriter,  including being one of the writers of THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (1978). What a career!


Tim Mayer said...

I get a little sick of all these blocks. Someone put up an extended fan sub-and-dub of the extended version of The Baccantes (1961). I'm trying to watch it before some fool complains and takes the movie down.

PEPLUM TV said...

Is that sub-and-dub on Youtube? I can't find it. I made a Fan Dub of THE BACCHANTES, the first one ever made. Getting the original English dub was a difficult task but once I got it I made a dub. I uploaded on Youtube on my first channel and it got tons of views and it was eventually pulled. There's a channel on Youtube, a bunch of scammers, who basically copy everything I do or did. They even uploaded my Fan Dub of TRIUMPH OF MACISTE. They also have BACCHANTES. There's nothing I can do about it.

Tim Mayer said...
He took an existing English dub, maybe the one you used, and matched it to the best foreign-language copy he could find. Where there was material from the overseas copy that wasn't included in the old English dub, he put the English dialogue in subtitles.

PEPLUM TV said...

Tim, thanks for the link.

Yes, the English dub is from my Fan Dub. My Fan Dub didn't have any English subs during the scenes with Italian dialogue. If you look at 3:24, when the audio shifts from Italian to English, the English voiceover says 'It was surrounded by guards...". That's how my dub is. It's basically my Fan Dub in which English subs were added.

Anonymous said...

Salammbo is one of my favorite Euro Epics. The three leads are wonderful in it. It may be still under U.S. copyright as it did get a theatrical release in a heavily cut version by 20th Century-Fox. At one point that
studio had planned to film the story with Gina Lollobrigida and Harry Belafonte but the runaway costs of
production on Cleopatra put an end to that.

Tim Mayer said...

There is some discussion by the man who did the Baccante dub-and sub on the Classic Horror Film Board. In one of the subforums, devoted to Peplums, he talks about it: