Monday, March 18, 2019

PEPLUM Movie Posters

Original Italian poster of HERO OF BABYLON (1963; aka Beast of Babylon Against the Son of Hercules)

Great poster. I'd like to buy it.

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Anonymous said...

Not on topic and you may already know about this but Artus Films of France has released three Peplum films on DVD....Samson and the Mighty Challenge, Hercules the Invincible, and Hercules and the Sons of the Sun. I wanted to bring these to your attention because they are, without a doubt, the best transfers I have ever seen of Peplum films on DVD. The picture quality is outstanding. They have Italian and French language options only but seeing them looking so beautiful makes up for the lack of English and the plots are easy to follow anyway. I got mine directly from the Artus website and, unlike Amazon France, the postage is not ridiculously expensive.