Thursday, March 28, 2019


KATHERINE OF ALEXANDRIA is a film that was released in 2014. Well, it was barely released under any of its 3 different titles. It was released Direct-to-DVD for the US market. The whole thing is quite confusing. More confusing than anything released from Italy.

The initial story is that of St Catherine. The movie was titled KATHERINE OF ALEXANDRIA and it starred Peter O'Toole, in one of his last roles. The titular role of Katherine was played by Nicole Cerna, in her first and seemingly last role. Full disclosure: I haven't seen any of these different versions. I guess I will one day.

This production has three 'official' trailers:


For its British theatrical release, the film was re-titled FALL OF AN EMPIRE. Different trailer than the one above.

It was re-titled once more as DECLINE OF AN EMPIRE for its American DVD release. You have to watch the trailer below:

This trailer omits everything about St Catherine. It's as if they're totally different movies and yet they are not. It's truly mind-boggling.

I guess the religious aspects of the story made it difficult to sell. From the reviews I've read, depending on which version viewed, the film is horrid or good. I'll have to see for myself. It doesn't look promising. The main actress is terrible.

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