Saturday, March 30, 2019

By the Gods!

A clairvoyant (Liliana Gerace) tells Diala (Irène Tunc) some future events which will seal her fate in APHRODITE - GODDESS OF LOVE (1958)

An unofficial remake of FRINE - COURTESAN OF THE ORIENT (1953). Both films directed by Mario Bonnard. Okay, remake is probably not the best way to describe it but both films have different stories but they both have identical scenes, characters that look alike, settings, etc. It's not a 'Twin Production' even if both films were directed by the same man and both films resemble each other, they are not from the same productions. It's just the director love these things and loved using the same look for the characters and sets. I really like both films, with this one being gorgeous in colour. Scenes of mediums or seers or clairvoyants are pretty common in PEPLUM movies. They're always fun to watch. Irene was a regular actress of the genre while Liliana was an actress who, from looking at her credits, worked sporadically. She did star in one of my favourite films, FISTS IN THE POCKET (1965) as the doomed mother.


Scott Ochiltree said...

APHRODITE - GODDESS OF LOVE is a really first rate Peplum. Isabelle Corey gives an especially good performance and is quite cute.

Unfortunately FRINE - COURTESAN OF THE ORIENT does not seem to be available in any medium.

Brrrodie the Westie said...

Frine: Cortigiana d'Oriente

Scott Ochiltree said...

Brrrodie: Thanks very much for your link to FRINE.

Video quality was excellent, but I could not get the subtitles or dialogue in English.