Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sergi Constance as Zeus in JUSTICE LEAGUE!

Last Sunday I wrote that Spanish bodybuilder Sergi Constance has the potential of becoming a new star of the PEPLUM genre. Well, someone commented that Sergi has already appeared in JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017), playing Zeus (thanks Fabio). I purchased the movie and checked it out. His screen time lasts just a few seconds but it is somewhat pivotal to the story. Personally, I think this is the best scene in the movie. In fact, all the scenes set in the past were pretty good, including the ones with the Amazons. The modern scenes...meh. I'm not a fan of CGI. Nonetheless, this is a good start for Sergi.

At the moment, the PEPLUM genre is all but dead. It needs a new emerging star to revitalize it. The reason HERCULES (1958) was such a huge hit was because the movie was very entertaining but mainly because of Steve Reeves. Same thing with Arnold, CONAN and the films of the 1980s. Sergi is the closest thing there is at the moment.


Richard Svensson said...

The problem is, though the modern film industry has the technical know-how to make the most spectacular-looking Peplums ever, and though there is probably no shortage of potential Peplum stars, there appears to be no filmmakers with a true understanding of (or interest in) the genre.
Maybe it's simply that modern Peplum film couldn't turn out any other way than what we got. The golden age of the genre came and went, as with other genres like the swashbuckler and gothic horror. Any modern day efforts will be products of the times in which they're made.

Fábio Escorpião said...

You're welcome, bro. I love your blog.