Wednesday, February 20, 2019

By the Gods!

Maciste (Mark Forest) says goodbye to Pharaoh Kenamun (Angelo Zanolli) in SON OF SAMSON (1960)

Though Maciste has a female 'love interest' in this movie (not in image), his character has zero chemistry with any of the women. Even Chelo Alonso, plays the evil queen, only tries to seduce Maciste in order to kill him. Instead, director Carlo Campogalliani focused more on the relationship between Maciste and the Pharaoh, who's played throughout the story as someone who's clearly smitten by him. The Evil Queen 'hypnotized' the Pharaoh in order to marry her against his will and it's Maciste task to make him snap out of it. The Pharaoh is basically the story's 'damsel in distress' or 'gentleman in distress'. The role is oddly well played by Zanolli, shows no interest in anyone but his rescuer Maciste. All secondary female characters wear the same wigs or head gear, which makes them all look alike and difficult to set their characters apart (see below). It's one of the movie's most annoying aspects. But the subtle Maciste - Pharaoh relationship gives the movie an unexpected contemporary feel to it.

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