Thursday, February 28, 2019


US lobby card set of ALONE AGAINST ROME (1962) yes, this proves the film was released in theatres in North America. A weak set. Only one card featuring the actors in full view. There are two cards with Lang Jeffries but you can barely see him. No Gabriele Tinti. Three cards with gladiator. One card for the dance number! This set could have been much better.


Anonymous said...

Was there ever a question about it being released theatrically in the U.S.? Many of the Sword and Sandal films were released here theatrically by small companies....Joseph and His Brethren, The Trojan Horse, The Avenger (Last Glory of Troy), Invincible Gladiator, the Reg Park Hercules films, etc.

PEPLUM TV said...

And yet a lot more of them weren't. They went straight to TV. Finding movie memorabilia for those that were released are hard to find or to the point of not finding anything at all. The best proof that a film was released are posters and lobby cards.

Anonymous said...

Although American International released a lot of the Sword and Sandal movies directly to TV, some of them were given regional theatrical releases as well. I was surprised to find lobby cards for films such as Hercules and the Pirates, Colossus and the Headhunters, and Challenge of the Gladiator. These are all duo-tone cards and were issued by the studio and not National Screen Service.