Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Different Titles : THE NORMANS

Here's a quick overview of the different titles for THE NORMANS (1962), directed by Giuseppe Vari. The original Italian title translates as THE NORMANS, which is not listed anywhere as being a specific title for a country, so I assume that English title is what's known as the International English version. The US version, shown on TV, was ATTACK OF THE NORMANS. The German title is a literal translation of the Italian one. Today, the film is mainly known as CONQUEST OF THE NORMANS, which is the title used for the home video market. I have different copies of this and not one of them has that title. Hmm...

At the bottom are two screenshots : the International English version and the Italian version. The first one has nice colours and such but the screen size is smaller and the image is fuzzy. The Italian copy is in widescreen (not the original widescreen I believe) but the colours have a yellowish tint. I want to do a FanDub of this, using the English track and adding to the Italian copy but I wonder if it's worth it.

Original Italian title

I assume this is the International English title

US TV title

German title

English version in standard aspect ratio vs Italian version in widescreen. Which is best? Cameron Mitchell and Franca Bettoia.


Steven Lester said...

While the color is better in the first, after a while my eyes would revolt over the fuzziness of the picture. The second is much sharper and I would prefer that more than the accurate coloring.

Anonymous said...

The second, for sustained viewing.