Wednesday, June 7, 2017

By the Gods!

Conrado San Martín, Howard Ross, Yann Larvor and Nadir Moretti in SAMSON & THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE (1964)

Actually this screenshot is taken from HERCULES RETURNS (1993), an Australian comedy where  the dialogue was changed and re-dubbed for comedic purposes. I didn't take a screenshot of scenes set in contemporary times because, well, they're dull. I'm not a big fan of films making fun of other films, like MST3K, which is a bane on the entire genre (I can't upload HERCULES at PEPLUM TV because of them).

As for this scene, which takes place at the end, I have to say that the costumes on the 3 bodybuilders are truly unflattering. They're not fat by any means but those costumes somehow make them look overweight. Howard Ross' career continued up until the 1980s. Yann stopped making films soon after this one. And Nadir's career was also short-lived but he, at least, starred in Fellini's JULIET OF THE SPIRITS. The three are Maciste, Ursus and Samson. Conrado is almost unrecognizable here. His uniform is cool.


Nardobbuilder said...

I remember a wrestling scene in this movie between Samson(Nadir Moretti) and Hercules(Alan Steel). But in that scene, Nadir lost his strength already. What a shame since both men had great bodies built for wrestling.

Anonymous said...

MST3K is a true blight on movies in general. Why does Wikipedia feel it is necessary to mention it in so many of their movie entries. Who cares? Apparently far too many people. I can't understand the appeal at all.

Anonymous said...

Very funny and clever film, not offensive at all. All four heroes are great looking and their fights are quite good, especially the one between Samson and Ursus in the tavern!