Thursday, June 29, 2017

By the Gods!

Nabila Abid and Omar Sharif in REVOLT OF THE MAMALUKS (1965?)

An Egyptian film dubbed by English voice actors who've also worked on Italian PEPLUM productions. The information for this film is difficult to track. Some places say the film was made in 1962 while most places, including IMDb, say that the film was made in 1965. The IMDb listing is completely lacking. The original Egyptian version is nearly 2 hours long while the English dubbed version is 91 minutes long. IMDb says the film is in Black & White while the Egyptian version is in color!!! 

Omar Sharif (credited as Omar El Cherif in the English copy) became a big star in and around this film so I believe this was made in 1962. I'm thinking of doing a Fan Dub but since the original length is much longer that the English track, I'll have to edit a lot of scenes out of it.

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