Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Celebs and their Roman costumes

© Graham Sumner 

Here's a montage of photos taken by artist Graham Sumner, who works on a series that is now in the magazine 'Ancient History' published by Karwansaray. He presented some of his portraits to actors that appeared in PEPLUM productions at the Wales Comic Con. Cool stuff. Thanks Graham.

From left to right :

James Cosmo holds a drawing of himself with the costume he wore in the recent BEN-HUR (below, 2016). The drawing is incomplete.

John Rhys-Davies and his portrait of Macro from the I, CLAUDIUS (1976) mini-series

And Kevin McNally displays a drawing of himself as a centurion from MASADA (1981) TV mini-series (with Peter O'Toole)


Narukami said...

Graham does great work.

Worth noting that Kevin McNally also played the part of Castor in the BBC series I, Claudius.

Richard Svensson said...

That's wonderful! :)